Biting the Error

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Biting the Error: Writers Explore Narrative does two things that I love and appreciate. 

1. It makes fun of the New Yorker

2. Its fucking weird

My approach to this book was different than most anthologies. While I do skip around in a lot of anthologies, I also tend to not stick to one section. However, as this book is sectioned off into various topics, I picked two that I thought would be interesting to me, and stuck with those. And, like I said, one of the essays in one of the sections I read makes fun of the New Yorker, and I love that. ;)

So, what does this text do? Well, as a writer who has been unknowingly (up until this semester) writing an Aristotelian plot in all of her books and in all the ones she reads, BTE exposes you to essays (albeit not plots) that do not follow the normal structure. They use words (shout out to twig calligraphy) that no one really knows what they mean, and they cover unconventional topics, like a movement away from poetry and beating down the New Yorker, which has always been highly regarded.

When we began to discuss this book as a group in class, it was interesting to see how many of us found different essays fascinating, but also how a lot of us noticed things that were similar in a book that seemed to focus on having barely any similarities with anything else.

All around, I don't think it was my favorite book this semester, but I appreciate the wit and the topics it exposed me to that other books have always been lacking in.

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