My Projects - Feb. 5

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I wanted to take the time today to outline the various projects that I will be completing this semester, more for my own sanity than your enjoyment (or pity). 

1. Creative Nonfiction Essay(s)

For my Creative Nonfiction class, I have decided to write a series of essays a la, Hannah from "Girls." I want to take pieces and moments of life and retell them in a hopefully humorous and poignant way. (Poignancy has always been that thing that I've wanted to obtain as a writer.) I may or may not write multiple, but I will write at least one. Currently, this essay is called "Cathedrals" and in it I tell the story of how I became a writer and a storyteller, and what that means to me, as I'm sure it means something different to all of us.

2. My Novel

This really shouldn't be new to you if you've been reading this blog, as I know some of you who are. This is my most recent novel that has been affectionately dubbed "TVEM", even though that acronym is for a title I may or may not use anymore. Its a story influenced by classic film motives mixed in with more contemporary issues. It also adopts an abstract villain of depression. This book has been my work in progress throughout college, and I am determined to leave college with it completed.

3. Final Research Essay

As an Honors major we are required to revise a paper from a previous Honors class, or create a new one based on an approved concept. For the majority of my collegiate career I have been studying villains and how you can use them to define plot. I plan on continuing this same type of paper, but write (most likely) about fantasy, including Star Wars and a book that has yet to be determined. I'm trying a new technique in writing my essays where I don't start the paper with a thesis, but instead just write and write and write, so I guess we will see where my love for villains and Kylo Ren will take me. (This paper will probably also be presented at a conference, so I probably shouldn't take this love too far.)

4. Hand Lettering / Copywriting

At my work, we have an end of the academic year student showcase where the designers show off some pieces of their portfolio to industry professionals. As the only English major at my work, I assumed I wasn't participating. However, it seems as though I am. I have no clue how to participate in this, besides with doing something cool with copywriting and or hand lettering which I have been practicing. My goal this semester is to have 3 - 4 pieces that show a cross between writing and design that I can show at this gallery.

5. Hamilton

English majors almost always have some sort of final paper for their class, so for my Contemporary American Literature class, I will be writing about Hamilton. (Its one of the texts we are studying, I'm not just forcing my one true love into class, though I would have found a way to exit undergrad with writing about Hamilton, trust.) I will most likely also interrogate the text of Hamilton and discuss who is really the villain of the narrative while bringing into it the historical fiction aspect and what it means to have a villain who was real. (This could easily bring in things like Mindhunter).

These will all be due by the end of the semester, but I'm hoping by typing up all of my final projects, they will become realized, and I will miraculously finish them before the last week of school where I become a symbiotic puddle of sweat, blood, snot, and tears.

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