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International Women's Day

Today is March 8th. Which you probably knew by the little sideways infinity sign on your calendar app on your iPhone.

Not only is today March 8th, but it's also International Women's Day. Which, maybe you knew because of the Google Doodle.

Which is always awesome.

They're always on point.

Now why, you might ask yourself and me, would a writer's blog be writing about International Women's Day? Well, as a woman, I find a lot of inspiration within holidays like this. This is a holiday where we, as women, celebrate our history and our fight.

The Telegraph from the UK did a pretty great article summarizing a lot of the great things surrounding this day. Whether you're a woman or a man, I suggest familiarizing yourself with the dreams and hopes of women all around the world.

When I think about the art that was and is inspired by great women, my mind immediately goes to one of my favorite films, Yentl. 

It's that movie where Barbra Streisand becomes a man so that she can get an education. Archaic right?

Not so much. 

She's like the modern day Mulan, doing what she isn't supposed to, but really should. And I think that is an incredible source for inspiration as a writer.

Sure, it's a musical and sure it has a lot about love and things like that, but it's about a woman who just won't take no for an answer.

Not only is that an credible character to write, it's an incredible person to be.

It's the perfect day to start our conversation as woman fighting for equality. #OneDayIWill #OneDayWeWill