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More Writing

Even though I agree with Hemingway and that there's nothing to writing, but to sit at a typewriter and bleed, I find that over my professional career, I keep seeking more and more outlets. 

If you like what you see here, you can take a trip down memory lane with me (metaphorically) and see the writing I've done over the past few years.

These are posted mostly on places like The Odyssey and The Medium. Both are a place for communities to contribute writing. Our branch of The Odyssey was organized at California State University, Northridge, and we were a small but mighty team or writers and editors.

The Medium is a new source I have found that my professor reccomended to me. The posts are few, but there are more to come!

*The Odyssey has a new website layout and no longer has profiles. This links to an example of one of my articles.