Hamilton - I Am Not Throwing Away My Shot

I have always been the person who listens to more Broadway soundtracks than to "actual musicians".

It all started with Mamma Mia, a play that I absolutely loved even after the 7th time seeing it live with my parents and sister.

Then, it escalated to more, let's say, mature plays with Spamalot

I mean, its a completely ridiculous play, but its also awesome and funny and ludicrous in a million ways. Plus Tim Curry.

The Broadway obsession got stronger and stronger as the years went on, from seeing Les Mis for the first time, seeing Thoroughly Modern Millie, Book of Mormon, Bullets over Broadway, If/Then, Rent, so much Rent. There's more I'm forgetting. 

But, probably the most important play I ever saw was Next to Normal, and not just because it introduced me to the wonder and absolute bundle of cuddly perfectness that is Aaron Tveit.

Next to Normal was more than just Aaron to me, though. It was a story about something that was really real. It's a play about grief, depression, family, suicide and drugs. It's music is matched in emotion and awe with the acting and script.

It moved me so deeply when I saw it in person after listening to the soundtrack for so long, without really knowing the story.

If you're writing anything that is sad or about familial problems, then listen to the soundtrack. You can thank me later.

A play hasn't affected me how Next to Normal has until I heard the absolute masterpiece that is Lin-Manuel Miranda's beautiful brain child that is Hamilton.

Now, I don't care that much for American history because I hated it in High School and I think its stupid to be beaten over the head about the Native Americans and founding fathers since we could comprehend bigger words than 'yes' and 'no'.

But, Miranda's play made me care.

I cared about Hamilton.

I mean, who the f cares about Hamilton? Me. Apparently.

Not only is it a unique play that is actually based on history, but the music itself is completely unique, being almost exclusively in rap. But, what inspires me the most about this play is Miranda's story about writing it and his incredible enthusiasm for it and its success.

He is a literal ray of sunshine, and that shows in this incredible play that he has created. It takes a lot to create a story based off of another story that everyone has heard, but make it better, make it mean something more than just a story.

This is Inspiration Station, so even if you haven't heard the music or know the play, or like Broadway musicals, here are some quotes from the play that are in the songs I listen to over and over again to help me remember why I started this book in the first place. 

When I listen to Lin-Manuel Miranda rap, I can't help but think about all the years he spent writing this, and where he is now, breaking all of these Tony records. He is incredible, and such an inspiration in himself. (Also his tweets are incredible, follow him.)

credit: http://hamilton-lyrics.tumblr.com/post/143876566329/tomtrager-available-as-a-tee-at

credit: http://hamilton-lyrics.tumblr.com/post/143876566329/tomtrager-available-as-a-tee-at

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credit: http://hamilton-lyrics.tumblr.com/post/143296815859/semigiantjimmy-george-washington-is-going-home

credit: palaceoftheprophets.tumblr.com

credit: palaceoftheprophets.tumblr.com

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credit: impossiblewolves.tumblr.com