About Karina Schink

Hi there!

My name's Karina Nora Schink. I am an English Literature major in Southern California just trying to create a platform for all the writers/readers out there. I'm 22 years old, and though I've only had a little more than two decades, I feel confident telling you that there is quite a bit I've learned.

Not only do I want to share my thoughts and feelings, but also all the resources I've compiled in my career as a writer. I'm always open to questions and emails and tweets - however you want to contact me!

Also, a bit about me, I guess, well, I've grown to like long walks on the beach. I like both coffee and tea and refuse to pick a favorite. My keyboard on my phone is in the UK mode, because their English is just far more correct, so often a little 'u' will be hidden into random words.

I want to be Leslie Knope in everything that I do, and I can, if only this, promise you that this blog will be filled with Supernatural gifs.

(Also, my favourite word is petrichor. See what I did there?)