Nick, Asta, and Nora

You might be wondering what this website is. You might be wondering how you stumbled upon it. Or maybe you know why you're here and have read this opening paragraph before, and you've already moved on to the post that you were looking for, because this one, was not it.

Well, if you're not the latter, then hi. I'm Karina, and this is my blog.

I started this as a way to have a platform for all things book and writing related. I found that I had a growing interest in the publication market after I self-published one of my books. I wanted to understand this industry that was so threatened by 17 year old me and my ability to produce and print a novel through Amazon. Through a lot of research and a very quick love affair, I fell hard for the world of publishing.

Of course there is animosity between writers and publishers, and I get that. I have some of that. But, for me, what it came down to was this: we are all in the same profession. Stories. We all want to create and help spread stories that will hopefully not only change your life, but help you live a better, more fulfilled one.

Stories have meant a lot to me from a little girl to the woman that I am today. From Captain Underpants that I forced my dad to read to me over and over again to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the first book I read in its entirety on my own, or to We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach which has come to mean a lot to me in my adult life. 

Stories from fiction to not shape who we are as people, they are one of the truly universal things that we have. Besides emotions and memories, we have stories that transcend through generations and time orally and physically through mouth and through paper.

And to me, that's incredible.

For me, my love of stories started with my dad. Every night we would sit together and he would read to me. Eventually I graduated from The Rainbow Fish to more, let's say, mature books, until I was able to read on my own. However, that didn't stop our story relationship. We developed a new narrative in our relationship. 


My dad was a theater major from the Köln University in Germany. There he learned a lot about films, stories, and writing. On the couches of our living room he taught a lot of that to me. He is an incredible storyteller. Everything he says, he says with meaning and purpose. Nothing comes out of his mouth by accident.

Then, there are the movies.

Every single type of film you can imagine, from the classics that you have heard of like Casablanca to the ones you haven't like Hellzapoppin, my dad and I watched them all, but I think none of them stick out as much to me as when we watched The Thin Man.

It's the classic detective story crafted by Dashiell Hammett turned into a blockbuster film staring the incomparable Myrna Loy and William Powell. It's the comedy classic that brought us the duo that is Nick and Nora. And, no, I don't mean the pajama company.

It was through watching that film that I learned the effect stories can have on people, because something about this story, about this book that inspired such an incredible film inspired my father to name is second daughter after who he thought was an inspirational woman: Nora Charles. Karina Nora Schink.

Of course my first name just HAD to be from a Rolling Stones song, because let's face it, nothing beats them in my dad's eyes.

But, my middle name became a beacon of strength for me. It became this iron rod that I had in the core of my being that I could pull from when I needed hope. It was like Nora Charles was always a little bit with me in the big decisions I had to make. She was always beside me guiding me in the right direction. I would think about what she would do, this incredible bad ass woman of the 1930's who didn't let any man tell her what to do. 

It wasn't until I had a couple really hard years and a lot of set backs that I learned to find that strength within myself, because it wasn't only her name. It's mine too.

And that fueled my stories more than anything else had before.

There's strength in a name. There's strength within a thought that just keeps coming back to you. There is a strength within each and every story teller that those who only read cannot understand. We will relive our darkest moments, most terrible memories, and our horrible emotions just to create a world and a story that will help people get through the same.

Maybe not all of us realize that we are doing it, but all of us put a little bit of ourselves into the stories we create, and there is an incredible strength in that.

Partly, it's what I hope to do here. I hope to put a little bit of my blood, sweat, and tears into this blog, because to me, it's worth it. To help people in any way possible on their storytelling journey is the best thing I think to do.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me.

- xoxo Karina